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  • Disability in Ohio : Long-Term Care Providers & Programs 

    Brothers-McPhail, Denise; Mehdizadeh, Shahla (2009-02-25)
    This report describes the range of options used in the long-term care system in Ohio. For each provider or program, we report the eligibility requirements, consumer characteristics, capacity, utilization rate, average ...
  • The Ohio Long-Term Care Factbook 

    Brothers-McPhail, Denise; Straker, Jane; Applebaum, Robert (2006-09-01)
    This publication describes the current state of long-term care in Ohio as well as projections of the state s future disability rates and LTC needs. It includes descriptions of the variety of settings in which LTC is provided ...
  • Training Case Managers to Administer the Service Adequacy and Satisfaction Instrument (SASI) 

    Murdoch, Latona; Straker, Jane; Brothers-McPhail, Denise (2012-03-13)
    This manual provides training for case managers to conduct satisfaction interviews using the Service Adequacy and Satisfaction Instrument. The SASI examines consumer satisfaction with homemaker, personal care, and ...