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  • 2011 Title VI Survey Results 

    Carpio, Elizabeth; McGrew, Kathryn B.; Straker, Jane K.; Kunkel, Suzanne R. (2012-09-06)
    This report summarizes the results of a survey conducted in 2011 of Title VI (Native American Organizations) to assess the role of Title VI programs in offering services and supports to the elders in their communities. ...
  • Evaluation of Ohio's Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Applebaum, Robert; Kunkel, Suzanne R.; Faust, Patricia (2012-09-06)
    In 2011, the Ohio Legislature asked the Scripps Gerontology Center to evaluate Ohio's two PACE sites and make recommendations for further expansion. This report describes the findings from that evaluation.
  • Right Place, Right Time, Right Care: An Evaluation of Ohio's Nursing Home Diversion and Transition Initiative--Research Brief 

    Applebaum, Robert; Bardo, Anthony; Kunkel, Suzanne; Carpio, Elizabeth (2011-08-11)
    In 2010 the Ohio General Assembly asked the Ohio Department of Aging to develop and implement a nursing home diversion and transition initiative. This research brief summarizes the results from an evaluation of that ...