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Dr. Amy Summerville

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  • Summerville, Amy (2011-07-25)
    Decision-makers faced with an opportunity to learn the outcome of a foregone alternative must balance anticipated regret, should that information be unfavorable, with the potential benefits of this information in reducing ...
  • Summerville, Amy; Roese, Neal J.; Fessel, Florian (2011-05-04)
    Zeelenberg and Pieter's (2007) regret regulation theory 1.0 offers a synthesis that brings together concepts spanning numerous literatures. We have no substantive disagreement with their theory, but instead offer 3 ...
  • Summerville, Amy (2011-04-07)
    The current research examines immediate regrets occurring at the time of a meaningful life outcome to better understand influences on real-life regrets. This research used a longitudinal approach to examine both initial ...
  • Summerville, Amy; Roese, Neal J.; Epstude, Kai; Fessel, Florian; Morrison, Mike; Smallman, Rachel; Galinsky, Adam D.; Segerstrom, Suzanne (2011-04-07)
    Past research has established a connection between regret (negative emotions connected to cognitions about how past actions might have achieved better outcomes) and both depression and anxiety. in the present research, ...
  • Summerville, Amy; Hsieh, Brendon; Harrington, Nick (2011-02-07)
    This research extends findings that implicit and explicit attitudes may diverge to a consumer evaluation task using multiple measures of implicit evaluation: Evaluative Movement Assessment (EMA; Brendl, Markman, & Messner, ...

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