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  • Contradictions and Consensus: Clusters of Opinions on E-books 

    Hurst, Susan; Messner, Kevin; Revelle, Andrew; Shrimplin, Aaron (2012-09-12)
    Q methodology was used to determine attitudes and opinions about e-books among a group of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at Miami University of Ohio. Oral interviews formed the basis for a collection of ...
  • Keep the Change: Clusters of Faculty Opinion on Open Access 

    Waller, Jen; Revelle, Andrew; Shrimplin, Aaron (2013-04-08)
    The authors discovered faculty opinions about open access by employing Q methodology, a research method combining qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze subjects' attitudes about a given topic. Q methodology, using ...
  • Keep the Change: Faculty Roles in the Scholarly Communications System and Their Impact on Open Access Promotion 

    Revelle, Andrew; Bazeley, Jennifer W (2014-05-13)
    Presentation given at the Academic Library Association of Ohio Annual Conference on October 29, 2010. Educating faculty about open access choices and scholarly communication issues.
  • Seeing the Forest by Counting the Trees: 

    Sprimplin, Aaron; Revelle, Andrew; Hurst, Susan (2014-03-26)
    Libraries, particularly academic libraries, are swimming in a sea of data. Librarians often contribute to this by counting every possible patron interaction in an attempt to both define their current situation and to predict ...