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  • 11 digital publishing trends to watch this year and their potential impact on libraries 

    Shrimplin, Aaron K.; Sullivan, Elizabeth (2014-02-04)
    Presented at Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) National Forum, Columbus, OH.
  • Contradictions and Consensus: Clusters of Opinions on E-books 

    Hurst, Susan; Messner, Kevin; Revelle, Andrew; Shrimplin, Aaron (2012-09-12)
    Q methodology was used to determine attitudes and opinions about e-books among a group of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at Miami University of Ohio. Oral interviews formed the basis for a collection of ...
  • Engaging Faculty in Scholarly Communication Change: A Learning Community Approach 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W; Waller, Jen; Resnis, Eric (Pacific University Libraries, 2014-08-01)
    INTRODUCTION As the landscape of scholarly communication and open access continues to shift, it remains important for academic librarians to continue educating campus stakeholders about these issues, as well as to create ...
  • Keep the Change: Clusters of Faculty Opinion on Open Access 

    Waller, Jen; Revelle, Andrew; Shrimplin, Aaron (2013-04-08)
    The authors discovered faculty opinions about open access by employing Q methodology, a research method combining qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze subjects' attitudes about a given topic. Q methodology, using ...
  • The Library and the Campus Visit: Communicating Value to Prospective Students and Parents 

    Miller, Lindsay (2012-10-12)
    Successful undergraduate admission and recruitment efforts are vital to every university. A strong student body improves the quality of academic programs and the prestige of the institution. Since most colleges depend ...
  • The Numbers Game: Collecting, Compiling, and Utilizing Usage Data in an Academic Library 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W (2013-06-04)
    As our academic library budgets evolve, librarians have to make difficult decisions about what resources to spend that money on every year. Looking at patron usage of our resources, both tangible and electronic, can help ...
  • Seeing the Forest by Counting the Trees 

    Hurst, Susan; Revelle, Andy; Shrimplin, Aaron (2014-03-26)
    Libraries, particularly academic libraries, are swimming in a sea of data. Librarians often contribute to this by counting every possible patron interaction in an attempt to both define their current situation and to predict ...
  • Technical Services Transparency: Using a LibGuide to Expose the Mysteries of Technical Services 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W; Yoose, Becky (2013-06-04)
    Technical services departments in academic libraries have long struggled to communicate effectively with other library departments, particularly public services departments. As academic libraries acquire large numbers of ...
  • Technical skills for new digital librarians 

    Tzoc, Elias; Millard, John (2012-10-12)
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current technical skills being sought for digital librarian positions, as well as provide a basic exploration of the list of technical courses offered by major library school ...
  • Transfer 2.0 and Beyond! An Update 

    Devenport, Tim; Bazeley, Jennifer W (2013-06-04)
    e-Journals often get transferred between publishers, whether because of change in commercial ownership (by acquisitions and disposals) or because the owner (frequently a society) takes the opportunity to partner with a ...
  • The Value of Purchasing E-book Collections from a Large Publisher 

    Shrimplin, Aaron K.; Bazeley, Jennifer W (2013-06-04)
    The academic e-book market is in the midst of rapid change and development. While e-books are still a relatively small percentage of library collections, sales are growing and libraries appear ready to ramp up their e-book ...